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Name:gwylliondream on LJ
Birthdate:Jun 3, 1961
Location:New Hampshire, United States of America
Website:gwyllion on AO3
It all started when I became obsessed with the strangely universal story of two gay cowboys in love...

When I first saw Brokeback Mountain, in March 2009, I was absolutely devastated by the horribly sad ending. I had to do something to make things right, so I began writing fanfiction for my own personal enjoyment with the hope of finding a sense of closure for myself and those affected by their sad story.

In real life, I am a Mom and a journalist. I am a slash moderator on The Ultimate Brokeback Mountain Forum where we try our best to provide an entertaining place for the lively discussion of Brokeback Mountain fanfiction. I also maintain [community profile] justifiedslash with [personal profile] bronctastic for slash fiction based on the FX series- Justified. I also write extensively in the BBC Merlin fandom where Arthur's death affected me as deeply as Jack's. I'm pleased to say that I've found a great deal of happiness recently with 00Q.

All my fiction can be found on AO3 here: gwyllion.

If you are interested in podficcing any of my works, I give you permission, just please let me know you're doing it and when you're done so I can shower you with gratitude.

Please don't forget to leave comments for the writers- it's the only pay they get.

All the best, and as always- thanks for looking!


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