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Title: Creswell Crags
Author: gwylliondream
Art link: Ochre and Fire
Genre: canon era
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: R
Words: 5,747
Warnings: Implied character death/reincarnation
Summary: When Arthur takes ill, he finds himself in a strange environment that echoes his past and gives him hope for the future.
A/N: This is a pinch-hit for [ profile] merlinreversebb. I used the opportunity to experiment with second person, which may or may not work for you. I have never read Clan of the Cave Bear or seen the film, but [ profile] gilli_ann, my Paleolithic-loving beta, suggested I include some red ochre in my fic, so I went ahead and did so. For those who are curious, you can learn more about the Creswell Crags here. Thanks to my Merlin Reverse Big Bang artist [ profile] chrunchy_crunck for the great prompt and great attitude, and to my helpful beta team: [ profile] bronctastic, [ profile] gilli_ann, and [ profile] stagarden who did an awesome job at keeping me in line.
Disclaimer: I did not create these characters. No disrespect intended. No profit desired, only muses.
Comments: Comments are welcome anytime, thanks so much for reading!

Creswell Crags )


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